Stephanie/Dore/Lord__Voldemort/Lucius (lord__voldemort) wrote,

Well Hello again everyone, Steph/Lucius here....

It's been nearly a year, and a lot has happened.
I've made friends and lost friends; Deaths and Births; Yeah, you know how it is.
2009 was definitely a bad year for me overall, even though there were a few great events- but it's over; and I'll always remember the great times and move forward with the past. I'm still at the Florida Institute of Technology, though I'm nearly done (Spring 2011!); I'll graduate with a degree in Meteorology and a minor in communication and I don't know if I'm ready to completely accept the fact that I'm an adult. It's actually pretty weird. I mean, I'll be moving off campus soon, I have three jobs, go to school, have to pay for my new car every month, and spend the weekends sitting with friends in a bar and talking about work.
I'm done with Pep Band- I did my four years and because of work picking up, I won't be in it anymore. This semester was the first time we had a Lobby Band for College Players (the Campus Theater Troupe), but here is a little peak at the kind of music we played at this semesters production: [].
Back to the topic of work; I got my dream job a couple of weeks ago- I work for Computer Sciences Raytheon now as a Meteorological Casual Employee/Intern in Analysis for the Space Program. In all honesty- DREAM JOB. I work with Meteorological Equipment all day; as in making sure that everything works, etc. I'm not making forecasts and canceling a launch; but I'm making sure that the Radars/Soundings/etc are all working so that we can know if it is or isn't safe to launch Rockets. I love it. Everyone is super nice, Pay's great, and they already offered me a job when I graduate from College... I. Love. It. <3.
Relationship wise, this writer is single; so that much hasn't changed.
I've got great friends who stand by me, I got a new car a few days ago, and I don't think that I'd really change anything drastically.. I really love the way that everything is going- at the end of the day; the only person that can change you or change your life is yourself. If you want something bad enough, like I wanted to work meteorology for the space program, there's got to be a way to make it happen. I'll find a guy soon enough- some women are just meant to run wild until they can find someone who will keep up.
So, What's next?
I'll try to update this every so often... I never noticed how much Dr. Sloane was helping me until my mother noticed how much happier I am now; she can hear it in my voice and I just feel better. It's good. Everything's good. Life's good.
You stay classy, liveJournal- I've missed being able to blog.... Onward and Upward!
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