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I'm not as innocent as you may think [entries|friends|calendar]

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[08 Feb 2012|04:12am]
I'm posting on LJ.
Hey everyone! How are y'all doing? Who's still on here?

If you don't remember, this is Stephanie/Lucius... :D

Update: I've been gradumicated for a bit- worked with the Space Program for a while and now work on an oil rig in west texas as a field engineer. Tadaaaaa- all caught up :P
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[01 Nov 2010|10:15pm]
Exactly six months ago today was the last unhappy day of my life. :)

I'm madly in like with you, baby. <3
Thank you for 6 amazing months.
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Writer's Block: Love is timeless [31 Aug 2010|04:12pm]
What is your opinion of relationships where there is a significant age difference between partners?

I haven't been on LJ in a while; but this popped up on my facebook feeds' Livejournal update; so I figured I'd throw in my two cents... 

My 4 month Anniversary with Jason is coming up this week; and while four months is... "only four months"- it already feels like I've known Jason for so much longer... He asked me out and we entered that sweet "Honeymoon" phase, as he calls it; but, we both realized quickly that, being "mature adults", we knew what we wanted in life. ...or something like that, hahaha. I mean, he's got a house and wants a dog and a family and, to be honest, thats all I've ever wanted. (Taking some time to trust the dog, haha). 
Heyyyyyy! Slow down, there, jump to conclusion-ers! We haven't even said "I love you" yet, so don't assume. One day at a time! But I care for him very much. :)
So to those of you who don't know, Jason is 34 and I'm 22. Now that is an age difference. I can count the amount of times that our ages have actually become a point of discussion though; and it's usually with something silly, not serious.
The weirder way, careof my brother, to look at it, is that he was graduating high school, when I was starting elementary school. Vinnie pointed that out when we first started dating, but it still doesn't phase me at all... Vinnie's realized that we're serious, too, haha, and doesn't think that anymore. Jason makes me laugh harder than anyone I know, I hold his hand and it just feels right, and when he looks at me; there's no way to explain it... but he gives me butterflies in my stomach... </gooey-emotions>
Years ago, here on LJ, I made a post saying that I wouldn't date until I knew what I really wanted out of a relationship and until I was ready to really take it seriously. Hm! What can I say? People say I've always acted mature for my age, so it makes sense that I'd date someone older than me... and Jason is def a keeper. :) 
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[29 Mar 2010|02:37pm]
Well Hello again everyone, Steph/Lucius here....

It's been nearly a year, and a lot has happened.
I've made friends and lost friends; Deaths and Births; Yeah, you know how it is.
2009 was definitely a bad year for me overall, even though there were a few great events- but it's over; and I'll always remember the great times and move forward with the past. I'm still at the Florida Institute of Technology, though I'm nearly done (Spring 2011!); I'll graduate with a degree in Meteorology and a minor in communication and I don't know if I'm ready to completely accept the fact that I'm an adult. It's actually pretty weird. I mean, I'll be moving off campus soon, I have three jobs, go to school, have to pay for my new car every month, and spend the weekends sitting with friends in a bar and talking about work.
I'm done with Pep Band- I did my four years and because of work picking up, I won't be in it anymore. This semester was the first time we had a Lobby Band for College Players (the Campus Theater Troupe), but here is a little peak at the kind of music we played at this semesters production: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPnYEgS6X6s].
Back to the topic of work; I got my dream job a couple of weeks ago- I work for Computer Sciences Raytheon now as a Meteorological Casual Employee/Intern in Analysis for the Space Program. In all honesty- DREAM JOB. I work with Meteorological Equipment all day; as in making sure that everything works, etc. I'm not making forecasts and canceling a launch; but I'm making sure that the Radars/Soundings/etc are all working so that we can know if it is or isn't safe to launch Rockets. I love it. Everyone is super nice, Pay's great, and they already offered me a job when I graduate from College... I. Love. It. <3.
Relationship wise, this writer is single; so that much hasn't changed.
I've got great friends who stand by me, I got a new car a few days ago, and I don't think that I'd really change anything drastically.. I really love the way that everything is going- at the end of the day; the only person that can change you or change your life is yourself. If you want something bad enough, like I wanted to work meteorology for the space program, there's got to be a way to make it happen. I'll find a guy soon enough- some women are just meant to run wild until they can find someone who will keep up.
So, What's next?
I'll try to update this every so often... I never noticed how much Dr. Sloane was helping me until my mother noticed how much happier I am now; she can hear it in my voice and I just feel better. It's good. Everything's good. Life's good.
You stay classy, liveJournal- I've missed being able to blog.... Onward and Upward!
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[13 Apr 2009|06:24pm]
I'm glad I didn't; but sometimes I wonder what would've become of it if I had.
Thank you for saving me.

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Writer's Block: Grab and Go [06 Apr 2009|04:16pm]
Scenario: For exactly 1 minute, you get access to all the databases of all the intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-5, etc). What do you want to find out before time is up and you're caught and jailed forever?

I'd find out how to successfully escape from a maximum security federal prison. lol
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[20 Mar 2009|11:23pm]
Just because she comes off strong doesn't mean she didn't fall asleep crying; and even though she acts like everything is fine, maybe, just maybe, she's really good at lying.


fml. I wish Jason wasn't home.
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[17 Mar 2009|01:35pm]
School's going well, I guess. There's a pretty good chance that I'm dropping differential equations before this friday, considering my grade is abysmal. Ugh. But other than that, I'm doing okay. Classes are good, Life's good, and the warm fuzzy feelings I get, are good, hahaha.
I'm baking Jason's long overdue birthday cake now, so that'll make me feel a lot less guilty, for sure. It's been more than a week and I'm a lazy ho, fact; so it's about time that I did it. I'm thinking about making something with the left over cake, too, I'll see what I can get when I'm at walmart.
Jason's helping me with AMS more and more; which is great because I need all the help I can get after the other officers bailed on me, and I was the VP, not the Prez.. ugh. But I'm the Pres. now! :D woo.
Band has been.... weird lately. There's like tension and/or drama, but I don't know what's causing it. It kinda started when Jason and I got together, though, so I hope it isn't that.... though I have been starting to cut back on the jokes et cetera that I make in public, with him; because now that I've found someone who tells the same jokes as me, we've been getting a little... carried away. (Though I do have to say that the Daryl joke at the parade was good. lawls.) I'm at the point where I don't think it's about us anymore; but I think it's just, as Jason said, that everyone is all stressed.
Either way, life's still good... I'm baking that cake in the shape of a Hurricane and I'll use the extras to make little bite size pieces of cake dipped in delish-shush-ness. omg. I'm excited about it! Chocolate = love! :D
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[16 Mar 2009|02:30pm]
Ahhh- I'm so excited for the double date I have Thursdayyyyyyy!
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[11 Feb 2009|04:41pm]
I will be on a boat for research for a bit this summer, and I can't help but admit that the *entire* time I'll be singing this:

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Meme I stole from Michi :-O [08 Jan 2009|08:17pm]
1. Open your music library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...


Opening Credits:
Jersey Bounce- Benny Goodman

Waking Up:
Dire Straights- Sultains of Swing

First Day At School:
Where I End and You Begin- Radiohead

Falling In Love:
Bring Me To Life- Evanescence

Fight Song:
I Wanna be Sedated (Ramones Cover)- Violent Femmes

Breaking Up:
Full Nelson- Limp Bizkit

Demon Days- Gorillaz

Stuck in the Middle- Mika

Making babies:
Variation 26- Goldberg Variations (lol. Classical Music.)

Mental Breakdown:
I Won't Say I'm in Love- Hercules

Everything Ends- Slipknot

In The Hall of the Mountain King- Grieg- Peer Gynt, Op. 23 by the Canadian Brass

Getting back together:
Right Here- Staind

Pennsylvania 6-5000 - Michael Maxwell and his Orchestra

Birth of Child:
Your Family is Poor- Draco and the Malfoys (LOL. I hope they're singing that to the woman giving birth in the room next to mine!)

Final Battle:
I am Whatever you say I am- Eminem

Death Scene:
Danny Boy- Celtic Women

Funeral Song:
Doo Wah Diddy- Mannfred Mann

End Credits:
Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffett
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[01 Jan 2009|11:34pm]
The kittens we adopted are doing great, New Years was great, and I'm being lazy for the first time in..... ages. omg. This has been like.. the best week ever(R). 
The itty-bitty-kitty-committy has been conspiring, lol, and as anyone there yesterday will vouch for, they're both getting more comfortable with sneaking up on me. :P 
I'm so glad that we ended up adopting them...

I don't think I've posted a picture of the kittens yet.... so here you go! (That, and I like to make Heather squee more, hahaha) So, if you want to see my family's new and by now about 9 week old kittens, as held by my brother, click below; though mind this picture was taken in the SPCA place, so they've gained a bit of weight now :]




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[26 Dec 2008|02:27am]
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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[07 Dec 2008|08:20pm]
Finals week.
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[02 Dec 2008|04:43am]
oihwe0phwoGIH N.Q2AN4WLHARWELFWEHLJIFHphpoahispigrhjpwefpjeFPQefloefr.

I'm still doing homework.
I've been doing it since like..... the moment I got out of the Bball game, and all day yesterday too.... and it's 4:44 am and I'm still working. ugh.
There's just so much shit that I have to do.... ugh.
Like I have to finish writing my paper of awesome (tm) for AE.....which is awesome, fo sho.

and by awesome, I mean it consumes me.
I'm thinking starbucks in like..... an hour and a half. wow.
mkay. Peace.
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[19 Nov 2008|09:26pm]
Anyone know how to prove resultant deformation using the derivative?
..or something like that?

Yeah... it'd help if I actually knew what I had to do.
Something about something about Resultant Deformation and advanced calculus.

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[13 Nov 2008|08:45pm]
Yay! My dress for saturday's party will be here tomorrow by three pm! :D
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[05 Nov 2008|05:03pm]
Does this mean that I can actually go to the doctor and have a women's health exam? Because I still haven't had one, as the school's health coverage only covers men's health...
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[04 Nov 2008|01:11pm]
so many lulz, so little time.

As if I needed another reason to not trust weather.com; their forecast for the day was partially cloudy.... as in.... mostly sunny. as in..........wait. srsly? lulz.
It's been FULLY cloudy all day, with a strong N/NW flow.... meaning more clouds. lulz.
omg. weather.com, weather.gov, and like five other websites said it would clear out.... but one site didn't.... Hm.... curiously enough, that's the site I always use, and is what I use for a lot of my data.
omg. It's chilly, drizzley, and cloudy, and you're going to tell me it's warmish and sunny? lol. yeah. kthxbai... loserfaces.
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[03 Nov 2008|08:01pm]
I haven't felt this in a while...
I'm done. I'm so overwhelmed that I need to stop and let everything wash by...
Normally, I could take this if my brain could let it all be ordered in a timely fashion, so I only worry about the end of the week when it comes; but instead it's all in there. I've got school problems, life problems, guy problems, work problems, and just... so much shit going on that I can't make it all file up correctly in my head.
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