Stephanie/Dore/Lord__Voldemort/Lucius (lord__voldemort) wrote,

Does this mean that I can actually go to the doctor and have a women's health exam? Because I still haven't had one, as the school's health coverage only covers men's health...
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Sometime every month, someone from Brevard Health care comes to campus and performs women's health exams. It's like $80 or something like that. Call the health center and they should tell you. . .I had an exam this summer when I needed a new pill prescription and it wasn't bad at all. . . cheaper than going to my doctor in Miami too.

Just fyi :)
Yeah, but I should be able to get it done with my own health care provider because I'm comfortable there... That's the point I mean.
Plus those people are always Pre-Med and Med Kids from UF, lol.
Are you serious?! Your school only covers men's health?! That's awful. I hoped that things would have progressed a little since I was in school. When I was in college, I had the school's coverage, too. But, it was catastrophe insurance and didn't really cover women or men's health unless it was a catastrophe, like ER surgery or an amputation or something.
This is Florida Tech steph... 7:1 male to female ratio.
It isn't a civil rights issue it is just their probably aren't enough females to include in the health program.